25% of the population in Niger suffer from that genetic, hereditary and incurable disease.

Program details

Purpose: Building and equipment of a reference Centre for sickle-cell disease

Beneficiaries: Families and children in Niger

Opening: January 2010

Budget: 250 000 Euros

Partners: Ministry of Public Health of Niger, International Cooperation Division, Association de Lutte contre la Drépanocytose au Niger


Sickle-cell anemia is a genetic disease that affects more than 25 % of the inhabitants of Niger; it is caused by a malformation of the red corpuscles, and is reflected in arterial disorders inducting strong pain attacks, cardiovascular and pulmonary issues. Sickle-cell is frequently responsible from development and breathing troubles for the children, as well as bone disorders, especially in the lower limbs.

The treatment of the disease mostly lies in dealing with each of its consequences when it appears (painkillers, oxygenation, transplant, blood transfusion...), because there is no cure for the disease itself. Sickle-cell anemia is most of time wrong-diagnosed; screening tests are not used enough to allow a good identitfication of all the carriers of the gene.


Thanks to the work of the Association de Lutte contre la Drépanocytose au Niger, and thanks to the personal involvement of H.R.H. The princess of Hanover, the building of a Reference Center was initiated during the year 2008, in partnership with the Monegasque Cooperation and the public health authorities of Niger.
The Reference Center is officially operating since January 2010 with the following objectives:
  • To medically and psychologically treat the ill families (consultation, hospitalization, social service)
  • To favor the screening tests
  • To inform and raise the population of Niger awareness
  • To develop scientific research on sickle-cell anemia


Located on a 4000 m² field kindly donated for the project by the Government of Niger, the Centre tries to gather in a single location all the specialized services that the families needs. Among them:
  • 2 consultation rooms
  • 1 treatment rooms
  • 3 hospitalization rooms
  • 1 room dedicated to psychosocial and preventive care
  • 1 medical laboratory
  • 1 pharmacy dedicated to sickle-cell disease
The staff of the Centre is composed of 35 officers - 30 of them being provided by the Ministry of Public Health - among which 4 doctors (1 paediatrician) and 6 nurses. The Centre can accomodate 9 people for day hospitalizations; the most urgent cases are transferred principally to the National Hospital of Niamey.

Indicators - year 2013

Between 1 January and 31 December 2013, the report is the following:
  • 10 609 patients registered - 4 642 children under the age of 5
  • 1 009 day hospitalizations
  • 794 patients transferred for appropriate care
  • 28 640 blood tests have been performed

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