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Program details

Reconstruction and rehabilitation of Tiglawigan elementary school

Duration: 2014

Virlanie Foundation

850 pupils attending the school (444 girls / 406 boys)

Overall budget: 153 161 Euros

AMADE budget: 135 625 Euros


9 months after the Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines, reconstruction activities are progressively implemented in the disaster areas.

The last assessment as made by the Filippino government stated over 6 000 deaths, one million damaged houses and more than 16 million people affected.

our local partner, the Virlanie Foundation, supports the victims through an integrated program focused on the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Tiglawigan area, on the Negros island - one of the most stricken by the typhoon. The program covers many branches such as housing conditions, access to basic services and job supporting. 150 families shall benefit from these activities.

In terms of access to education, the program focuses on primary level by rebuilding and rehabilitating the elementary school, which has been severely damaged by the typhoon, causing 850 pupils to be out-of-school.


General objective
Contribute to improve the living conditions of the children affected by the typhoon through access to a quality primary education

Specific objectives
- Provide the children with quality school facilities
- Support school attendance for the most vulnerable children

Scheduled activities

14 damaged classrooms will be restored and equipped in order to ensure total safety for the pupils.

Besides, 9 brand new classrooms will be built and fully equipped, as well as a new refectory.

A special support will be provided to 200 pupils selected among the most vulnerable families stricken by the disaster.

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