The Smile Foundation works to relief the pains of young South-African children suffering from facial burns or malformations strong handicaps and discriminations.
Born with these facial malformations, thses young children start their life with a severe handicap. The first months of their life will be the most decisive, because the cleft and/or lift palates prevent the child from being properly breastfed. When they get a little older, their handicap can bring strong discriminations in their social life and their school life, especially in their relationship with other kids.
In this frame, the non-profit South-Africain association called the Smile Foundation organizes each year several weeks of treatments and repairing facial surgery in the Johannesbrug hospitals, iwith the collaboration of local surgeons (15 South-Africain surgeons joined the 2003 Smile Week).
Several dozens of children can have appropriate surgery each year, with no cost for their family.
The 2009 Tygerberg Smile Week held from 5 to 9 January 2009, for the first time ever in Cape Town. During theses 5 days, 35 children - aged a few months to 16 years - benefited from facial surgery, thanks to the expertise of the South-African surgeons and the competence of the Smile Foundation's volunteers.

Already a sponsor of the 2005 Smile Week, AMADE Mondiale decided once again to support this programme on January 2009, by allowing the 215.000 Rands (around 17.000 €) necessary to the care of the beneficiaries. The funds were used to afford the surgical operations, the hospital and transportation costs, as well as the essential pre and post-surgery psychological assistance.

A press conference held on Wednesday 7 January 2009 at the Tygerberg Hospital to expose the details of the week. Former South-African President and Nobel Peace Prize F. W. de Klerk honoured the event with his presence. Mr. Kasasa took the opportunity to encourage and congratulate the surgeons responsible for this delicate mission.

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