Every morning, in the streets of Manila, little faces appear between two cars, alongside the pavement, waking up from a night spent on the streets.

Every day is a new fight to survive.

Program details

Purpose: To ensure assistance for street children in the Philippines

Beneficiaries: Street children, young mothers, disabled children and young adults, families victims of toxic waste in Pampanga.

  Budget for 2013: 100 000 Euros

Partner: Virlanie Foundation

Period: Annual programs


More than one million children and teenagers currently live in the streets of the Philippines - 150 000 in Manila. They have no access to education, healthcare or appropriate diet.
Some of them manage to survive day after day, living from casual jobs. Some others find their way out through street gangs.
Frameless, with no reference, their only way of life is to try to survive among the drifts of the streets: drugs, deliquency, prostitution.


In order to become self-sufficient and responsible adults, these children have to get out of the streets universe and learn again how to live in society. Above all, they need to be secured, listened and loved.
AMADE is happy to support the work of the Virlanie Foundation in the Philippines. For many years, Virlanie's social workers strive to provide the children with the love and support they need so much. In 2013, AMADE supported all or part of five programs of Virlanie: residential, outreach or support programs. Below are the major programs in stake.

Programs & achievements

  • Open Day Center
Objective: To serve children and families forced to live and / or to work in the streets - To bring them a medical, social and legal assistance - To help them out of the streets and become self-sufficient. The Center is a day shelter where to find food, hygiene and comfort.
Beneficiaries: 170 beneficiaries were accomodated and served by the Centre in 2013, 133 of them being children.  155 check-up and medical assessements were ensured, while 39 health education sessions have been organized. 74 children attended the educational activities of the Centre and have been enrolled into formal schooling.
  • Children's legal rights office
Objective: To provide a legal assistance to children and teenagers in conflic with the law - To ensure the defense of their essential rights.
Beneficiaries: 63 minors were provided with legal assistance and aftercare services during the year 2013. Social workers ensured a regular and close follow-up to shorten their stay in the detention center and discuss their plan after their discharge. Close contact was also made with the families in order to involve them into the rehabilitation program. Several children have been accomodated in the Foundation's residential programs, always with the purpose to have them reintegrated into their community.
  • Drop-In Center
Objective: Temporary shelter - 3 to 6 months - for children left alone or children with legal issues - The Center is Organized on the basis of the Flipino family to readapt the children to social life and if possible to help them get back to their family.
Beneficiaries: For year 2013, the Center served a total number of 33 beneficiaries, providing them with psychological services and appropriate follow-up. Educational assessements were also made - whenever possible, children have been enrolled in formal school.
  • Medical program
Objective: To provide a medical follow-up (consultation, vaccination, treatment, hospitalization if necessary) for every children benefiting of Virlanie's programs.
Beneficiaries: 1 201 chidlren received medical services in 2013, including basic care, treatments and preventive services. 36 children with special needs received free dental treatments. 6 children had to be admitted into hospitals and have recovered upon discharge.
  • Aime Homes
Objective: To ensure adjusted care for disabled children and young adults - to decrease their dependence by developing their capacities and self-sufficiency - to improve non-verbal communication to develop self-confidence.
Beneficiaries: 23 children have been served during the year 2013. Aime Houses have organized various developmental and learning activities, both internal and external, in artistical, musical and creative areas... These activities aimed to lessen children's agression, impulsive and violent behaviors, increase attention span and concentration, and improve speech, language and cognitive skills.

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