On 8 November 2013, the Philippines archipelago was devastated by the most powerful typhoon ever recorded, causing thousands of deaths - among which an important number of children - and affecting directly the lives of over 16 million people.

AMADE Mondiale and its local partner, the Virlanie Foundation, join forces to implement the "Tiglawigan" program. Objective: to rehouse the survivor families in a sustainable way and to provide the children with regular scholarship.

The identified area is located on the Negros island, in Cadiz, one of the most wounded provinces. Hundreds of families - living especially from the fishing - lost everything in just a few hours.

Source: UNOCHA - 19/11/2013

Within this integrated rebuilding program, AMADE provide a specific support to the rehabilitation of the Tiglawigan elementary school, which has been severely damaged by the Typhoon, causing hundreds of children to be out-of-school.

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18 November 2013
25 November 2013
February 2014
8 April 2014
July 2014
Release: AMADE affected by the Typhoon Haiyan
Initial assessment mission
Art & Concert for Philippines in Monaco
30 000 Euros raised by the art gallery "L'Entrepôt"
Tiglawigan: reconstruction of the elementary school

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