North-West of Niamey, in the Tillabéri area, more than 11.000 people from 10 different villages live on the banks of the Niger river. Almost half of them are less than 15 years old. Only 55% of these children can benefit from a regular schooling.

Program details

Purpose: Building, equipment and restoration of schools in Niger

Beneficiaries: 1 850 pupils aged 6 to 17 years old from 10 villages in the Ganguel territory

Period: 2010-2013

Budget : 380 000 Euros

Partners : Ministry of National Education in Niger, local communities, canton and village leaders


Nevertheless, access to education remains a top priority for families that also have to cope with adverse living conditions, with restricted incomes. The main issue derives from the lack of school structures in the area. Due to the distances to cross and the cost of transportation, scholarship becomes an unaffordable expense.

More difficulties also arise from the building and the equipment of the existing schools in the area. The buildings are old, and most of them are highly dilapidated. They have suffered from time, rains, enough to constitute a risk for the safety of the children. Moreover, several hundreds of pupils lack quality tables and chairs, necessary for conducive and comfortable working conditions.

Furthermore, half of the classrooms in the Ganguel area were built as straw hutswhich and cannot protect the pupils from the unfavourable weather conditions (wind, sand, excessive heat, rains); they do not warrant the undisturbed running of the classes.

Objectives & achievements

The two main objectives of the program are:
  • Increase the schooling rate of the area
  • Improve the working conditions of the pupils
Three lines of intervention have been indentified:
  • In the villages of Daraïna and Balandé, where no school currently exists, two new facilities will be built, each one of them with the capacity to accomodate 150 pupils.
    In the village of Saga Fondo, a bigger highschool will be built to accomodate 200 pupils. Each new school will also be fully equipped with chairs, tables, desks... necessary for the comfort and the efficiency of the classes.

  • 15 neighbourhood classrooms will be built in 7 different villages on the Ganguel plateau during the next years. Each classroom will receive all the appropriate equipment and furniture.
    Each classroom will provide classes to 50 pupils, which will allow 750 children to find more accessible places - closer to their home - to attend classes.

  • Seven classrooms currently neglected will be fully restored in the next two years: repairing of the roofs and ceilings, waterproofing of the roofs, repairing of the doors and windows, general painting...
    The classrooms will be provided with 60 tables and seats to replace the old furniture. 350 pupils will be able to learn in safer and more comfortable conditions.

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