In Phnom Penh, some children of incarcerated women happen to live in jail just to avoid being separated from their mother.

Program details

Purpose: Building of a day care center near the prison of Phnom Penh
Beneficiaries: Children of women imprisoned
in Phnom Penh

Budget 2013-2014: 5 000 Euros

Partner: Friends International

Opening: July 2009


In the prison for women of Phnom Penh, many incarcerated women have no other choice than to keep their children with them, in their cell, when they can not turn to family or social services to take care of them for the time of their custody.
These young children will then spend their first years living in jail. They will not have the appropriate care they need, access to education nor leisure.
Thanks to the personal commitment of Marie-Laurence Comberti, AMADE's representative in Cambodia, a special daycare centre was built next to the women prison of Phnom Penh in ordre to accomodate the children.
The centre was inaugurated in July 2009. Ir provides children with better hygiene conditions, as well as two healthy meals a day.
Though Marie-Laurence tragically passed away at the end of 2013, her work and courage were not useless thanks to Friends International, who makes the program still effective.

Objective & achievements

The main objective of this program is double:
  • Provide the children with batter life conditions for the daytime
  • Fulfill their very specific needs

Since December 2013, a total of 15 children (including 10 girls) have attended the center. All children are less than 3 years old. An average of 4 to 6 children attend the daycare center each day, where they are watched over by the staff (1 nurse and 1 social worker).

The activities include 2 healthy meals, bathtime and basic hygiene, rest periods, play activities, and the capacity to reach mothers and provide them basic information about hygiene and health of their children.

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