There are more than 800 000 orphans and highly deprived children living in Burundi, one of the poorest country in the world.

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Program details

Purpose: Ensure communautary care for orphans and vulnerable children

- Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC)
- Pregnant women
- People living with HIV
- Guardians of OVC

Phase 2: 2011-2014

Overall budget: 881 959 Euros

AMADE budget: 299 994 Euros

Partners: International Cooperation Division, AMADE Burundi, Fight Aids Monaco


Thanks to the support of AMADE Mondiale, Monegasque Cooperation anf Fight Aids Monaco, the teams of AMADE Burundi successfully provide orphans and vulnerable children with communautary care since 2008. Phase 1 of the program has come to an end in April 2011; thousands of Burundian children have been given access to healthcare, education, decent living conditions and professional training.
To read more details about phase 1 of the program, click here.

Phase 2 will aim to bring sustainable solutions to the issues the needful communities have to face. By facilitating financial self-sufficiency for foster families and guardians of OVC, they eventually may to afford themselves the needs of the children, regardless of external help.

Therefore, sustainable human development will be the main guideline of the activities planned for 2011-2014 regarding access to healthcare and education.


General objective
Contribute to achieve self-sufficiency for the basic communities in order to allow a satisfying and sustainable care for OVC and people living with HIV/AIDS

Specific objectives
  • Increase the financial capacities of the guardians so they can afford themselves the healthcare and educational needs of OVC
  • Improve access to education for OVC living in the most vulnerable households
  • Improve healthcare for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Reinforce the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission (PMCT) - Organize services of antenatal consultation, family planning and vaccination/consultation for children


AMADE Mondiale supports the activities planned within objectives 2 and 4:

Objective 2: Improve access to education for OVC living in the most vulnerable households
  • Distribute scholar kits for 10 000 OVC whose guardians cannot afford such expense: this financial support will be progressively reduced of 25% each year, to be replaced by a subvention from communautary groupements (funded by guardians of OVC with income-generating activities).
  • Ensure professional training and insertion for 180 young out-of-school family leaders: the trainings will be provided in partnership with job centers. They last 3 to 6 months - their themes are cooking, sewing or plumbing. An individual follow-up will help young beneficiaries to look for a job or to start their own trade.

Objective 4: Reinforce the PMCT services and organize complementary services
  • On the occasion of the antenatal consultations, encourage 1 500 pregnant women to get Aids tested: women whose tests are positive will be referred to the PMCT services.
  • Cover the transport and accomodation fees for needy women under PMCT: this will allow them to deliver their baby in a medical environment instead of delivering at home, which will reduce the risks of HIV transmission.
  • Build and equip 3 consultation rooms in the health centre of Bururi in order to complete the PMCT services: the centre will provide antenatal consultations (1 000 pregnant women), family planning (300 couples), and vaccination/consultation of children (1 000 infants).
  • Organize the complementary services listed above: the centre of Bururi will provide the full package of services recommended by the Ministry of Public Health; it will then be eligible for public grant and will secure its financial autonomy.

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